What's Spackle?

We're the assistant that pairs your free time

with that of your friends.

Simple and Easy

Just tell Spackle when you're free, 

who you want to see, 

and we do all the rest.  

Say goodbye to coordinating complex schedules
in cluttered chats over countless apps.

Maximize your time and actually enjoy your plans, 

rather than agonize over making them.

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Stop wasting time staring at screens. Beta-test Spackle now!

Spackle is simple, and so is our fully-functional beta-test. Make up to $100 testing us!

YOU only invest three minutes filling out a few questions.

WE organize all your plans with your friends for you. That's it!

Yes, it really is that simple. 

No more endless chats negotiating when and where to meet. Of course, you can either confirm or reject the plans we suggest.

Spend less time staring at screens, and more time in real life having fun and developing meaningful relationships.

We'd love for you to be part of a very special group of beta-testers for Spackle. Every week, you'll get money from us to spend on restaurants, tickets and other Spackle plans.  

Not too bad!

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Berlin, Germany | NYC, USA

+49 171 8476005 info@spackle.me